Ben Arthur - A Constituent's Advice for Chuck Schumer [NY] (for Sen. Schumer from Ben Arthur)

from by 100 Senators



This song is part of Jonathan Mann's 100 Songs for 100 Senator's project.


Advice for Chuck Schumer on Dealing with President Trump

You should not try to fuck a butterfly
Or waste time teaching the devil a new prayer
You shouldn’t light up a smoke in a meth lab
Or try to split a sandwich with a bear

Cooperating with Trump
Is operating like a chump
This is true, Chuck Schumer, not just partisan rumor
The time to fight is now

Don’t check if a scorpion is ticklish
Or try to out-think a game of random chance
Working hand in hand with Reince Preibus
Is like putting a rabid squirrel down your pants

Even if you win a staring contest
With a zombie you still lose


from 100 Senators, track released January 20, 2017




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